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May 2007
Measure Historical Record
St Augustine, Florida

71 Marine Street / 170 Avenida
Rovira – Dewhurst House
Currently Fethe/Charlson Home
Circa 1799

I had the pleasure and oportunity to measure and document this house in St Augstine, Florida. Here is a short history of the home.

This house at 71 Marine Street in St. Augustine has had two significant reinterpretations since its original one-story construction in 1799.

Its coquina walls were constructed by a Spaniard, Rovira, around 1799, on land that was deeded to him by the Crown of Spain. The earliest records show that two Spanish women had owned the lot, but may not have built on it, before it was deeded back to the Spanish Crown during the British occupation in the late 1700’s.

It remained a one-story structure during much of the 1800’s when it had a series of occupants and owners, including the first African-American to receive a contractor’s license, during the Reconstruction era.

In the late 1800’s it was owned by William Dewhurst, a lawyer for Henry Flagler, who added a second story and installed heart pine floors that still survive.

In 2000, the wall along the Matanzas Bay waterfront was demounted, and the coquina from it was used to extend the side walls toward the Bay. Also during this reconstruction, the current doors and shutters, about 300 years old, were brought from France and made part of the redesign.